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Team Building Services

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  • Work Outings
  • Strength Finders
  • Ethics and Morals
  • Live In Their Shoes
  • On-Site Team Buidling
  • Off-Site Team Building
  • The Importance of Your Co-Workers
  • Developing A Creative Work Environment
  • How The Silo-Effect Is Killing Your Business

Invest In Cultivating A Productive Team

Seventy percent of American workers are either uninspired at work or actively disengaged, which cost businesses more than $450 million in 2013. Employees disengage because they feel unsupported, over-scrutinized, or that their very jobs are at risk. And when employees feel unsafe, they're working from their more primitive reptilian brain. This puts people in a high-stress state where they can't concentrate and are looking for distractions, such as email and Facebook.

On the other hand, when people feel supported, they have the space to be creative, iterate, and do their best work. Empowered employees are also free to focus on the areas where they can be most valuable, which leads to a more successful and sustainable organization. If this is someting you feel that your business is lacking; contact us. We can help.